Helping Those In Need

3 Easy Steps: Take | Buy | Return

TAKE a bag @ service on July 14/15.


BUY, if you have the means, any of these items to benefit deployed United States Marines: Sudoku Books, Crossword Puzzles, Corn Nuts, Hard Candy, Tuna Salad & Crackers (Individual Serving Kit), Chicken Salad & Crackers (Individual Serving Kit), "On-The-Go" Powdered Drink Mixes (Coffee, Crystal Light, Gatorade), Slim Jims, Top Ramen Packs, Cup of Noodles, Travel/Sample Sizes of: Foot Powder, Deodorant, Toothbrushes, Q-Tips, Baby Wipes, 3-in-1 Body Wash/Shampoo.


RETURN the bag with the item(s) inside @ service on July 21/22.